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Is Your WordPress Website Running Slow?

Optimise your WordPress Site Speed with our Free Consultation

Speed up Your WordPress Site by 20 Points With our Free Technical Consultation.

Has your WordPress site taken a dip in search engine rankings? Are you noticing a drop in sales or a higher bounce rate? It is likely a result of your site running slowly!

You can improve your site speed, Google ranking, sales and overall performance with CuroHosting’s free and impartial site speed consultation.

Simply enter your details in the form below and a member of our team will contact you to arrange your free technical consultation.

Improve Your WordPress Site Speed Score

Free and impartial site speed analysis with WordPress experts.

How Will CuroHosting Check my WordPress Site Speed?

How Will CuroHosting Check my WordPress Site Speed?

In 2006 Google announced that page speed is an official ranking factor. Due to this our first step is to check your speed score on Google PageSpeed Insights™ as well as other leading speed check tools. In addition, our expert technicians will carry out their own personal assessment of your site and advise you on key improvements such as:

  • Compressing any files larger than 150 bytes
  • Optimising files and images
  • Updating themes, plugins and WordPress version
  • Reducing your external HTTP requests

Why is my WordPress Site Loading Slowly?

There are a number of reasons why your WordPress site is not as fast as it could be. Having a lot of content on your site is considered good for SEO but if it’s not fully optimised it will slow your site down significantly.

Here are the 5 main reasons why your WordPress site may be loading slowly:

  • Your web host may be using a slow server or may have put you on an overcrowded server
  • Any videos uploaded on your site may be been uploaded directly to WordPress as opposed to via a third party
  • Outdated and/or unused themes and plugins
  • Large number of external scripts such as ads
  • Large amounts of un-optimised content
Why is my WordPress Site Loading Slowly?
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What are the Benefits of Increasing my WordPress Site Speed?

What are the Benefits of Increasing my WordPress Site Speed?

By having a fast WordPress site you will be putting yourself above competitors both in terms of search engine ranking and customer satisfaction.

You will see benefits such as:

  • Positive user experience
  • Higher page views
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Higher conversion rate

How can I Retain a Fast Site Speed?

One of the most effective ways to retain a fast site speed is to house your website on a managed server that offers continuously fast speeds. This is because your server speed has a lot of impact on your overall site speed.

We would recommend that you choose a web host who does automatic WordPress updates and offers a CDN as well.

In addition to choosing a good web host you can retain your speed by ensuring new content is always fully optimised. This includes images and videos. All themes and plugins should be regularly updated as well as your core WordPress version.

CuroHosting offers Managed WordPress Hosting solutions from as little as $20.99 per month all of which will improve and maintain your site speed.

How can I Retain a Fast Site Speed?
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