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Check your website for Security Issues



We have some great solutions to get you virus free, and to keep it that way too!

Fix Only

A simple yet thorough removal of all viruses or malware on your website.

(This is not a security solution)

  • Viruses Cleaned
  • Malware Removed
  • WordPress Core Replaced
  • Vulnerable Plugins Removed
  • Manaul Assessment
  • Thumb Exploit Scans
  • .htaccess Scans
24 hours turnaround time
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Fix and Protect

Our super experienced engineers remove all viruses and then look after your website, from patching security flaws to daily updates, its taken care of.

  • 1 WordPress Website
  • Daily Updates
  • File Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Firewall
  • R1Soft Daily Backups
  • Free Initial Virus Removal
2 months free for annual billing
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Fix and Protect+

Everything "Fix and Protect" gives you but on our super secure network, making it cheaper and giving you a 100% gaurantee of security, absolute peace of mind.

  • 1 WordPress Website
  • Daily Updates
  • File Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Firewall
  • R1Soft Daily Backups
  • Free Initial Virus Removal
  • 100% Security Guarantee
  • CuroHub Secure Network
2 months free for annual billing
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Whether you need even more resources, or you want to discuss bulk purchases, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a custom quote.

custom packages available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my WordPress website hacked?

There are a number of signs that indicate your website has been hacked. The display may be altered, the page may randomly redirect or it might load extremely slowly.

You can use our scan facility above to help you access the situation with your website.

Why would someone hack my WordPress website!?

The "hacker" often doesn’t care how big or how important your website is, or even what it is, the "hacker" can gain a wide range of benefits from hacking your website. They can divert your traffic to traffic sharing websites to generate them money, they can use your website to send spam, they can steal customer data or they can take your website down completely.

Some hacks can be manual where someone is hired and you are the target specifically, maybe it is from a competitor who gains advantage by your website not being online!? But the majority of hacks are automated and launched on a large scale, automated programs called “bots” search the internet for WordPress websites and the automatically test for weaknesses, and when one if found, they can exploit it. A general rule of thumb is that if you can be found on Google, you will be found by bots also, so just because you are “small time” doesn’t mean you won’t be hacked.

What does “hacked” mean exactly?

Being “hacked” is a very broad/loose term that you have probably heard in movies or in articles across the website, it can often be exaggerated and you can get the impression it is more sophisticated than it is.

I tend to bring it back down to reality and see a “hack” as “something or someone performing an unauthorised action on your website/web server”.

So you might give FTP access to a developer who then later logs in and installs some software which runs in the background. Although this is not very sophisticated at all, I still see it as a hack.

And on the other side of things, some very clever people write some very clever software to penetrate weaknesses in websites and they search the internet to find suspects.

Why is WordPress a target, is it insecure?

WordPress is often the target for hackers, it is a popular Content Management System (CMS) so hackers know many people will be using it and because it is open source those hackers also know the typical structure of a websites code, however, WordPress itself is very secure and they have a team of people releasing updates on a regular basis.

The hackers that target WordPress don’t look for vulnerabilities in WordPress code specifically but vulnerabilities in the third party code you have added so in your themes or plugins! In many cases themes and plugins are created by very professional and trusted companies who also release updates to ensure their code is up to date and secure too.

Therefore, one of the biggest reasons for being hacked is updates or the lack of to be more correct. WordPress do their part updating their software, third party theme/plugin developers do their part updating their software too but many people will not apply these updates and the majority of people’s websites are running in a vulnerable state!

I keep my WordPress website up to date but still got hacked!

Firstly, well done, this is something the other 95% of the world do not do on a regular basis! However, it is sometimes not good enough.

The next major weakness for many websites is their website hosting. I cannot count the amount of times I have removed viruses from people’s websites and been shocked when the website hosting control panel says “Running PHP 5.1” or something ridiculous.

Out of date hosting can be even easier to exploit than and out of date WordPress website!

“My web host is great, I have been with them for years”

People often ask my team and I to remove viruses from their website that are obviously wreaking havoc, pages redirecting to software downloads, pop ups appearing all over the place and a disfigured and slow loading homepage.

In these situations it’s usually easy to find the issue and fix it; it’s the less obvious viruses that people should be worried about, the ones that don’t want to be found!

Often I find out the company who has the virus is running web hosting that looks like it is from the dark ages and I tell them that this is most likely the reason they have been hacked and that they should move to our secure network.

And on many occasions people say "Oh no, my web host is great, I have been with them for years"

I can only think "Well surely now is the time to change then!? Because someone, somewhere, was able to physically change your website, probably steal all of your customer data and has probably sent out thousands of emails from your account. And if you web host is so great, why are we fixing this issue for you and not them?"

I have WordPress security plugins installed, am I secure?

The answer could be no, or it could be yes, but the important thing here is that just because you have those plugins DOES NOT mean your website is secure!

Roughly 7/10 websites we fix from being hacked have all the typical security plugins installed and the ironic thing is, a lot of the time the viruses installed by the hack target those plugins because they are so common and they integrate with various important parts of your website.

Security plugins can be useful but in my professional opinion they just attempt to do a job that a good web server would do and they slow down your website in the process. They add functionality that a good, secure network would take care of as standard.

Can I prevent my website from being hacked?

The short answer is yes, and the easiest way to do that is to use our secure network and update service. Our network (CuroHub) is a very secure and very fast network of servers. On this network is a whole host of security software we have created over the past 5 years that keep your website safe. On top of this our team at CuroHosting apply the software updates within WordPress on a daily basis so both those key elements, the hosting and the website are always up to date.

Do I have to move to CuroHub to be fully secure?

Our network CuroHub runs some very advanced, modern software that constantly checks and ensures your website is secure, so much so we offer a guarantee with it. If your website is compromised on our network, we take full responsibility in fixing it right away at no cost to you, all included in the monthly price.

However, you may be in love with your current web host, or you might have signed up to a 15 year pre-paid contract to save money, or you can’t risk moving the site, or you love the idea of $2 a month hosting… Whatever the reason, if you don’t want to move to our secure network, we can still help, it just takes a lot more work and we have to install some of our software on your hosting. For this reason, this option is significantly more expensive per month, starting at £29.99 per month instead of £14.99.



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