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Get your WordPress Website De-Hacked with our Free Website Clean.

Don’t worry, CuroHosting will scan your website, locate and remove all malware and viruses, free of charge! Why? Because we are passionate about WordPress security!

Simply provide us with your website URL and contact details and a member of our team will contact you.


Our Guarantee

Our WordPress de-hacking service is 100% free of charge and is guaranteed to free you of viruses and malware. All that we ask in return for our service is that you consider leaving an honest review of your experience following the de-hack of your WordPress website.

How can CuroHosting help de-hack my WordPress site?

How will CuroHosting de-hack my WordPress site?

As part of our free website clean we investigate all files and locate the issue, remove it, make necessary updates and re-upload the cleaned files to your server.

  • Firstly, we download all files and scan them for viruses and malware.
  • All viruses and malware are removed and WordPress is updated to the latest secure version.
  • We upload the site to a test server where we do manual checks before undertaking a final virus scan.
  • We advise that all user passwords are reset.
  • Then we refresh the WordPress security before re-uploading it to the original server.

Why has my WordPress site been hacked?

Having your WordPress site hacked is never a pleasant experience. It can be hard to understand why your site was targeted and how they got in but there are various reasons as to why your WordPress site has been hacked:

  • Out-dated version(s) of WordPress and/or any themes, plugins and scripts on the site
  • Virus spreading from other sites on your host’s shared server
  • Lack of, or low-level Firewall or SSL certificate
  • Insecure WordPress hosting service
How can CuroHosting help de-hack my WordPress site?
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What damage can a hacked WordPress website do to my bussines?

What damage can a hacked WordPress site do to my business?

Unfortunately, having a hacked WordPress site can have huge implications for your business, especially if the malware and viruses are not removed quickly and efficiently. If left unfixed one of the biggest issues is that Google may blacklist your site!

Overall a hacked site can lead to long term issues such as:

  • Theft of data, both yours and your customers.
  • Damage to your sites Google rank and brand reputation.
  • The possibility of your website being blacklisted.
  • A loss of sales both immediately and in the long term.

How can I stop my WordPress site being hacked again?

Managed WordPress Hosting is one of the only guaranteed ways of fully securing your WordPress website from viruses and malware.

CuroHosting’s main focus is on WordPress site security. All of our hosting packages come with; an advanced firewall, daily virus scans and automatic updates. We also offer SSL certificates as add-ons to all packages.

We offer a 100% security guarantee, so if in the unusual instance something does go wrong then you can rest assured it will be fixed-at no extra cost to you!

Managed WordPress Hosting with CuroHosting is the best option for a fully secure, backed up and fast WordPress site.

How can I stop my WordPress Site being hacked again?


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