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We have some great solutions to get you virus free, and to keep it that way too!

Malware Clean Only

Have our team of security professionals clean your website today!

  • 1 WordPress Website
  • 24 Hour Clean
  • Deep File Scan
  • Database Injection Removal
  • Back Door Removal
  • Some Security Improvements
  • 30 Days Guarantee
£99.98 /One-Time
Pay 50% Now / 50% On Completion
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Join Our Secure Network!

Our secure network is perfect for every business that want complete peace of mind for your WordPress website.

  • 1 WordPress Website
  • 24 Hour Transfer
  • 24 Hour Clean (free)
  • 100% Security Guarantee!
  • LiteSpeed Network (very fast)
  • Daily, Off-site Backups
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Up-time Guarantee
  • No Contracts (PAYG)
  • Excellent Support
  • Great Rates for Web Development
£14.99 /Per Month
*environment based on our starter package, see our other packages for increased environment specifications
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How did my WordPress website get infected with malware?

How did my WordPress website get infected with malware?

There are many reasons why your WordPress website can get hacked and infected with malware.

  • Out-dated version(s) of WordPress and/or any themes, plugins or scripts on the site.
  • Malware spreading from other websites on the same network.
  • Manually targetted, i.e. someone who you share your passwords with.
  • Vulnerable plugins or bad coded developments from web developers.
  • Insecure WordPress hosting service

What damage can malware do to my WordPress website?

Unfortunately, having malware on WordPress site can have huge implications for your business. Not only do you become a target to other malware exploits, Google may blacklist your website and often your hosting company will suspend your website without warning.

  • Theft of data, both yours and your customers.
  • Damage to your sites Google rank and brand reputation.
  • The possibility of your website and email being blacklisted.
  • A loss of sales both immediately and in the long term.
  • On-going costs for cleaning if it reoccurs.
  • Actual destruction of your website.
  • Increased bandwidth and hosting costs.
How did my site get infected?
What damage can a hacked WordPress website do to my bussines?

Why do people want to infect my WordPress website with malware?

Sometimes malware just seems like a frustration and it isn't considered about what may be happening behind the scenes. Typically malware is created to provide benefit to the creator.

  • Theft of data, malware can read data from your website and send it to the creator.
  • Damage to your reputation. Your competition would benefit if your website was slow or unresponsive for example.
  • Damage to your SEO rank. If Google detects malware it will dramatically lower your SEO rank.
  • Hyjacking of your email to send spam for financial gain.
  • Force your website to redirect to a paid advertising website for financial gain.
  • Personal/polictical reasons. Sometimes people just want to cause website owners problems.

How do I protect myself from malware properly?

Being fully protected from malware can be very difficult, and time consuming too. You need the perfect combination of all of the following:-

  • A super secure network - Malware scanners, root kit scanner, exploit scanner, file intrusion detection, scans of uploads, a robust firewall and much more.
  • Hardend WordPress security.
  • Daily updates - Even on the most secure network if you don't update the core software it will be vulnerable.
  • 24/7 monitoring - If something gets through, it is important to know what, where and how.
  • Experienced technical support staff.

CuroHosting do offer a one-time clean but it is not a security solution. However, signing up to our network is. It is extremely secure and our experience technical staff update and monitor your website on a daily basis!

We are so confident about our product/service that we give you a 100% security guarantee. Any problems, we solve them, no additional/hidden fees, leave your WordPress security to us.

How can I stop my WordPress Site being hacked again?

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of joining CuroHub network? And is there any contract terms?

Our pricing starts at £14.99 per month per website. Subsequent websites receive a 20% discount, so prices starting from £11.99 per month. There are absolutely no contracts or minimum terms, you pay for a month, if you are happy you can stay with us, if you are not, you are free to change your mind.

Is there a discount for paying yearly?

Yes there is. Yearly pricing is calculated at 10 months of the monthly price, so 2 months free!

Where are you based?

CuroHosting is a legal trading entity in United Kingdom and Thailand. We have support staff in both offices which helps us ensure we can provide support 24/7.

I am based in America (or any other country), can I still join your network?

Yes, certainly. Our network uses top of the range servers across the world. When a user visits your website, traffic is sent through the server closest to that users location for the fastest response time.

Support is provided 24 hour a day too so it doesn't matter where you are, the network is fast and someone is around to deal with support queries you may have.

My hosting company just suspended our website! Can you help?

Yes, we certainly can. We find it astonishing that any web hosting company will, all of a sudden suspend your website! But they do.

The fastest way for us to help you in this situation is for us to transfer the infected site to our network and update the DNS. Our engineers with the use of the tools on our network would instantly get to work removing the malware from the website.

How many WordPress website are on your network?

We currently look after 1,239 WordPress websites at the time of writing this.

Our network currently sits at around 3% usage. It is very sophisticated and relatively under populated.

I just paid for WordFence Premium but my website still got hacked!

Yes. Although WordFence has lots of nice features, it is not a full security solution. As mentioned above, your website needs to be on a secure network with daily updates and constant monitoring, done both by experienced technical people and sophisticated security software.

I am in a contract with my current hosting company but I have been hacked! What should I do?

Strictly speaking you need to check the exit terms of any contract and weigh up what is the best decision. Even losing money on 1 year of hosting might end up saving you money if you avoid further malware issues on your website. It can become very costly to keep up with it.

The decision is ultimately yours but we advise you to move to our network in the short term, test it out with no risk at all and see what you think. It may well be worth writing off the cost of the hosting you already paid for.

You cleaned our website a few months ago but the malware has come back, can you clean it again?

No. We do not perform a clean on the same website more than once. Our aim is to get your website clean and then provide information and advice about keeping it clean.

And you can choose to take our advice and attempt to secure the website yourself, or choose to join our network and let us deal with everything for you.

But we don't want to encourage people relying on getting their website cleaned all the time and not addressing the problem, so we only do it once please bear that in mind.

Why is your network so secure?

The same people involved in CuroHosting ran a web development company called CuroWeb for over 10 years. After having such a poor service from hosting companies where security was concerned we decided to create CuroHosting and fill that gap in the market that hosting companies were ignoring. Instead of suspending your website or ignoring the issues we set out to combat the problem and stop malware from causing people problems.

Since 2016 we have been developing security software to tackle all sorts of different types of malware in WordPress and we are confident we can 100% secure any WordPress website.

All of our websites currently report 0 malware and our team of experts monitor and update everything daily. Our support team also provide general support and advice, and our web developers are available for small jobs at additional cost.

Our goal is to provide a full service, one that means you never need to worry about security again. And one that provides the best support in general so you can run your business effectively.

Can we purchase domain names from you? And SSL certificates?

Yes you can, we have great deals on domain names and SSL certificates and we provide full support for both.

Still have questions? Contact one of our sales advisors today

Our UK-based team is available to answer any query you might have. Just ask!


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