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Our Story

From Web Development to Managed WordPress Hosting

Our Story

After working for more than 5 years as web developers, we at CuroHosting still could not find a hosting solution that offered us the reliability and security that we so desperately needed in order for our business to thrive.

It was so frustrating to bounce around from one web hosting company to another only to experience frequent unreliability, poor speeds, and support tickets that would go for days without being answered.

We also knew how essential it was to find a secure solution as our WordPress related projects demanded only the most airtight and speedy hosting platforms available.

There was only one way in which we could truly solve the problem and so it was that CuroHosting combined its hosting knowledge and WordPress expertise to offer an entirely new product in the form of managed hosting for WordPress.

Our service is one for those who respect how important their website really is to their business. Owing to our prior experiences, CuroHosting created four tenets of service: Security, Speed, Reliability, and Customer Service and we aim to provide only the very best service in each of these crucial areas.

We now boast over a thousand clients who all enjoy managed WordPress hosting and aim for an average customer response time of 25 minutes, no matter the query.

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